Covid Clinical Assessment Service

NHS111 Online is the first port of call for people with COVID-19 symptoms and NHS 111 has been commissioned nationally to provide a dedicated COVID-19 Response Service in support of the population. The service continues to support General Practices and other parts of the NHS to focus on managing those most at risk of complications from COVID-19.

A key component of the Covid-19 Response Service is the COVID-19 Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS). The CCAS offers a clinical review to the assessment of patients presenting with Covid-19 symptoms following their use of NHS111.

To deliver this service we are seeking additional GP’s and Returning GP’s to join this highly valued team. You will be employed to remotely support CCAS from home with equipment and training offered to ensure high quality clinical assessment on which the healthcare system can rely.

GPs returning to practice, sessional GPs and GP partners/salaried GPs

wishing to work for the CCAS under a zero-hours employment contract and be paid directly. Please complete the Returning and Locum Doctors HR Form. An example of the contract can be found here.

Got some questions? Have a look at our CCAS Onboarding Document and Frequently Asked Questions

GP Partners and salaried GPs

wishing to work for CCAS under an honorary contract which will result in payment being made to the GP’s practice who will in turn pass the payment on to the GP. Please complete the GP practice CCAS form

If you have already submitted an application through the Returning & Locum Doctors HR Form but would prefer to work for CCAS under an honorary contract arrangement please email and we will identify your application and email you to arrange transfer.

Additional Clinicians

If you are one of the following professionals; 
  • Consultant and Specialty Grade in Emergency Medicine and Respiratory Medicine Doctors
then please complete the form below which will take you through the HR process and verification checks.
Please email with any queries.
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